Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Vladimir Putin: The Great American Hero

All four segments in the following link are informative, but I urge my readers to at least listen to Segment Three with Jim Hanson and Tom Rogan before continuing with this article:
I have a question. If Putin saved the day in Syria in September, 2013, by getting Bashar al-Assad to turn over his chemical weapons, why is Assad being accused of gassing the Kurds?
Especially when the Kurds say it is the "rebels" and the Islamic State?
For three years now, I have listened to people who are worshipping at the altar of Putin, enraptured by his seeming ability to take the proverbial bull by the horns while Barry practices his chip shots. Meanwhile, Russia has been encroaching on our airspace as well as Canada's:
Russia has buzzed our coastline while taunting us, most notably on the Fourth of July, 2015:
Russia has sold S-300 missiles to Iran (and has other deals in the works):
Russia has launched air strikes in Syria from Iran (which is unprecedented):
Russia has threatened to nuke Denmark, Great Britain, and anyone else not drinking the Putin Koolaid:
Russia is conducting military drills with China in the South China Sea:
Russia is even playing nice with Recip Tayyip Erdogan:
But Vladimir Putin is the Great American Hero. Some have even gone so far as to express the wish that "Vlad 'The Impaler' Putin" (too funny!) were President of the United States!
Who cares if Russia is about to (officially) invade Ukraine?
Never mind that, after annexing Crimea, Russia never left Ukraine:
Never mind that Russia somehow keeps missing the Islamic State and is instead bombing America-backed "rebels" in Syria (forcing Barry to make the dangerous move of providing air cover to protect them):
What about Barry's support of Turkey, who is killing the Kurds, whom Obama also allegedly supports?
And Erdogan seems to have been very prepared for the "attempted coup". At least he has wasted no time firing and arresting tens of thousands of military, government officials, journalists, and teachers:
While no one knows for certain, rumors have been swirling that the United States was planning to move our nuclear warheads from Turkey to Romania, rumors Erdogan himself has reinforced by holding them hostage using  Gulen as the ransom:
For anyone who is unfamiliar with geography, Romania borders Ukraine:
Is anyone seeing a pattern here?
"Thanks, Obama" indeed.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

"The Jewish Paradox"

[AUTHOR'S NOTE: My next post will be on recent world events; I am compiling the information for that article as we speak. But having just finished three books on a topic very dear to my heart, I am compelled to write the following at this time.]

My heart is heavy as I write this. Regular readers will recall that I have covered the topics of the Jewish people, anti-Semitism, and Israel many times. However through a confluence of events I found myself reading three books simultaneously, each covering the same basic topics with slightly different points-of-view and I must now put my conflicting reactions into words.

Readers who remember what they learned in school have noticed that I seem to have violated a rule by putting my own title in quotations marks. That is because I could find no better title for this piece than the one given to M. Hirsh Goldberg's book, which is one of the three I just completed. The other two are "The Modern Guide to Judaism" by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, and "Judaism for Dummies" by Rabbi Ted Falcon and Davit Blatner.

By way of introduction, let me review the high points of what I have written in the past. I have spoken of the confusion I felt in middle school when I first learned of the Holocaust. My problem was not the Nazis; I was old enough to understand evil exists in the world. My consternation came from 8 mm film reels showing Jews lining up with apparent resignation, obediently awaiting their deaths. I have spoken of some answers I obtained from reading the "Origins of the Inquisition" by the late Professor Emeritus Ben-Zion Netanyahu. I also confessed to the deep, unassuagable anger I felt after reading that book, anger that drove me a year later to contact Rabbi Skobac of Jews for Judaism in search of a way to deal with my rage. He graciously called me and gave of his time to allow me to vent, after which he directed me to lectures which he hoped would guide me. they did. I no longer boil over at the mention of the word "Jesus"; believe me, that is great progress because until recently whenever I heard it all I could see and hear were Jews being burned alive.

But I had more to learn, and while these books have been every informative and enlightening in some respects, they have also perplexingly led to more questions.

First, some answers. My regular readers know that this journey of mine led me to renounce Christianity and, after much research, to convert to Judaism. In studying, I have learned things that probably 95% of the world does not understand about the religion of the Jewish people. For example, the reason they are able to pursue life in the face of mindless, rabid Jew-hatred is because the Jewish people see themselves as the ambassadors of God's Kingdom. They are the "Chosen" in that they were selected to bring God's light to this world (in contrast to the anti-Semitic version whereby Jews think they are precious and above everyone else). In retrospect, there were key places in my life where I began learning this long before my life was turned upside-down by Professor Netanyahu's book (an unintended consequence on his part, I am certain).

The first lesson I learned was in my twenties, when I invited a co-worker and his wife over to my apartment for an informal housewarming dinner. It was December, and after dinner I gave him a Christmas card (one of those lengthy ones that reads like a book, to which I added my own handwritten thoughts). I watched him carefully as he read it. Every last word. All of the underlined portions, and all of my comments. He and I had hit if off from the second we met, and I really wanted him to know how much I valued him. He folded the card when he was done, re-inserted it into the envelope, and slipped it into his briefcase. I waited for him to speak. He said the following:

"Thank you. I appreciate every word. I know you meant everything the card said, and everything you wrote, and I take it the way you intended it. But, I should tell you: I am Jewish."


I was horrified.

I thought I had just offended my dear friend and I feared he was going to storm out of the apartment and never speak to me again.

Instead, he said, "We do not celebrate Christmas. He celebrate something called 'Chanukah'. Let me tell you about it."

And he did. And a moment that could have ended in disaster was turned into a wonderful learning experience for me.

Many years later I received a second, far-less shocking lesson. I was in a hospital waiting room on a Wednesday afternoon, and I kept seeing a doctor walking around wearing a yarmulke. I was confused. I was certain it was not Saturday; why was a Jewish doctor wearing a yarmulke? I asked one of the staff, who said he had no idea but that I should ask him. I balked, saying I did not want to offend the man, but the staff member told me the doctor was very nice and would be more than happy to talk to me.

So, I approached him sheepishly, got around to asking the question, and he replied, "It is a constant reminder to me that there is One (he pointed at the ceiling) Who is Higher than myself."

I almost cried. I thought that was the most beautiful thing I had ever heard. 

Those two lessons, combined with everything else I have learned over the years, brought me to what I realize now is a logical point in my life. I now find myself arguing almost daily with Jew-haters from around the globe on social media, encountering most of the arguments covered in the books listed above. I have gained some perspective from these books, but as I stated I also have more questions.

Such as: If we are to combat ignorance and mindless hate, it seems to me we must be armed with the truth so that we can educate. How can we do that when, in covering the Holocaust, books like "Judaism for Dummies" completely neglect the role of Islam? Rabbi Falcon makes Mohamed sound like a false prophet, but completely neglects mentioning the Jews he massacred in Medina, raping and enslaving the women and children of three Jewish tribes. Not a word about Himmler's Moslem armies, and not even a hint of Hajj Amin al-Husseini, never mind the Farhud.  I understand Edwin Black has been having that same problem with the U. S. Holocaust Museum. It seems to me the Jewish people should be the last ones engaging in political correctness. In fact, M. Hirsh Goldberg correctly names "tolerance" (which I have defined as "bigotry in disguise") as being at the root of much of the anti-Jewish sentiment throughout history. Why then would the Jewish community engage in tolerance itself? (For me to accept someone is for me to take the person for who he or she is, faults and all. When I tolerate them, I am placing myself in a position of superiority, hoping that over time this person will begin acting (or believing) the way that I do. There is a huge difference between the two.)

No one wants to demonize 1.8 billion people, making the same mistake as Jew-haters by lumping an entire group of people into one category. Just as in Christianity, Judaism, and other religions, I have no doubt there are Moslems who have never read the Koran and may never even have graced the doorsteps of a mosque. However, should we not recognize evil for what it is? Are we not to hate the things God hates, one of those things being evil itself? Should we not fight against a philosophy that has slaughtered hundreds of millions of people from its inception in the 7th Century? Or do we pretend it does not exist, praying that someday the truth will come out, ostensibly by magic?

If Jews are to bring God's light to Earth, then should that light not be used to bring truth? Islam has targeted Jews for 1400 years, but it has also slaughtered Christians, Hindus, and even other Moslems who were not judged to be following "allah" correctly. Should Jews be silent and allow the scourge to continue? I understand (but do not accept) the silence from Christianity; "Turn the other cheek", "Count it all joy", and all of that insane rubbish. But the Jewish people know better. In fact, Rabbi Shmuley reminds us that Torah teaches us never to rejoice in suffering. We are here to fight it. How can we fight it if we refuse to speak of it?

I will likely revisit this topic in upcoming articles, Meanwhile, my next post will be on Putin's power play under the guise of saving the world.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Bear in the Room: Russia

[NOTE: Copy/paste links to an open browser window to view. There is a temporary glitch in this blog program so links cannot be accessed by clicking on them alone. The author hopes to have this corrected ASAP.]

I am going mad. Completely, certifiably insane. I have written on this subject many times (see my post history) and I have acquired even more disturbing information of late. Yet people continue to dismiss my assertions out-of-hand, and the current election is making matters far worse. Respected, well-known radio and television hosts are laughing at an accusation leveled by Hillary Clinton, failing to make the distinction between disinformation and misinformation. This is a critical error.

There is a well-known maxim in the law that states once a witness has been caught in a lie, everything he or she says may be called into question. Not "dismiss everything the person says". In other words, do not throw out the baby with the bathwater.

Which is precisely what prominent personalities are doing. "Hillary said it, so it cannot be true." "Mike Morell was CIA. 'Nuff said", implying that someone from CIA never speaks a word of truth. Rubbish.

Let us go back and review the difference between disinformation and misinformation. Disinformation is "deliberately incorrect and misleading information leaked especially by an intelligence agency as a means of counteracting and discrediting authentic information that the enemy has obtained". Misinformation is simply "inaccurate information". (Both definitions are from the Webster's II Dictionary.) In other words, disinformation is a complete fabrication while misinformation is based on actual facts but distorted so that the truth is obscured.

Hillary's claim that Donald Trump is working for Russia is still being ridiculed as being ludicrous. Indeed, the idea of Vladimir Putin sitting in his palace waiting on a signal from "The Donald" to tell him what to do and when "doesn't pass the laugh test", as Barry Scheck would say. But what if we rephrase her claim? How about "Donald Trump, with or without his knowledge, is being used by the Kremlin"? Now we have a statement that just might be true.

Let us now review recent Russian history, and tie it in to what is happening now. I do not feel the need to regurgitate things I have already written since readers can simply go through the menu on the right, so I will limit this article to that which I have not yet published or at least have not elaborated on until now.

Readers will recall when I wrote about the time the man I call my "unofficial mentor", Prime Minister Netanyahu, had driven me up the wall with his continual harping on Iran until it finally occurred to me there had to be a reason (other than the obvious and justified concern Israel has over the "Iran Deal"). I did some research and came to the conclusion that America has been at war with Iran since 1979 but that most Americans remain oblivious.

I extrapolated from there, and with the help of someone I know on social media I stumbled onto just how firmly Russia has had its tentacles in the Middle East for a century now. I continued digging, and have now uncovered some mind-blowing data which once again links a terrorist event directly to the Kremlin.

Pan Am 103.

I have posted previously about Lockerbie, the false confession by Qaddafi in exchange for sanctions being lifted against Libya, and the stunning revelation three years ago that Iran and the PFLP (People's Front for the Liberation of Palestine) had been responsible for the bombing in retaliation for our downing of a civilian Iranian plane just six months prior. But even that revelation did not go far enough.

For in addition to being supplied by Hezbollah/Iran, the "Palestinians" have also been supplied by Turkey, who gets its supplies in part from


Which brings me to some hair-raising questions, but before I list them let me post a link to just some of Moscow's interactions with various terrorist organizations (in this case, Turkish, but again, review my previous posts for even more information):

As readers can see, the FSB/GRU/SVR/KGB/Whatever-the-hell-they-are-calling-themselves-today have been rather busy. And things appear to be heating up; Erdogan and Putin just had a cozy little tete-a-tete:

If anyone thinks this meeting was only about oil I have swamp land for sale. Additionally, anyone balking at the idea of Russia sponsoring terrorism (after all, Putin hates terrorism, right?) not only needs to review what I have written in the past but also needs to grasp the fact that the Russians are happy to make a buck wherever they can make a buck. They are not troubled by such things as morality and loyalty. They invented the game of playing both sides of the field. We in America need to disavow our perception of the "new, improved Russians" and replace it with the all-too-familiar Soviets.

Astute readers noticed the play-on-words in my title, the "Bear" being substituted for the "elephant". Why will no one utter the "R" word, especially those people who I know have to be privy to Putin's tactics? This is the question that is driving me mad. We scoff at Hillary's assertion despite the plethora of evidence that Russia is indeed meddling in our election. Putin has been playing us for fools since Obama's reign of terror began. Ukraine, Crimea, Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, Iran, Iraq, Yemen...oh, and did we forget or just not notice the split-second news blurbs about the Russian espionage ship that has been on "liberty" in Cuba since April of 2014; the taunting fly-bys off our coast by Russian fighter pilots who have been doing the same thing off the coast of Canada? And, what about this?

Here are some questions to ponder. Did the Soviet Union supply the explosives used on Pan Am 103?  Was Russia behind Hillary's all-consuming need to rid the world of Qaddafi? While Hillary was running guns out of Benghazi through Turkey to the Syrian "rebels", was Russia also running guns through Turkey? To whom did those arms go? The "rebels", or the future Islamic State? Remember, Russia is playing both sides, has zero loyalty to anyone (including Assad), and is always in the market for cash, regardless of the source.

And, why is Putin now in an all-out attack on Hillary and Barry?

To those who are now incredulous, let me remind everyone that the Russians have never had a problem getting rid of people who have outlived their usefulness. But, what does he want with Donald Trump?

Maybe I will have some answers in my next post.

To Be Continued...

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Barack Obama: December 7, 1941

Had Barry been president that fateful day, the radio address would have sounded something like this:

"My fellow Americans. Today is a day that will live in infamy. Kamikaze pilots viciously, and without warning, attacked the Pacific Fleet at our base in Hawaii. Make no mistake. This heinous act had nothing to do with Japan. The Japanese people are peaceful. These pilots were radicalized kamikazes led by someone who calls himself Admiral Yamamoto, and in no way reflect the values of Japan.

"I have spoken with Emperor Hirohito by phone and assured him that we are not at war with his country. To that end, I have just signed a trade agreement that will allow our two countries to exchange goods and services to our mutual benefit.

"My opponents will say this agreement amounts to surrendering to a war-like act. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is imperative that we keep the lines of communication open, despite what those on the right may believe.

"We must not allow a few bad actors to pervert the goals of the Japanese people. Though the perpetrators of this unconscionable assault flew under the flag of Japan, they were in no way Japanese.

"Good night, and God bless America."

Thursday, August 4, 2016

An Open Letter to Barack Obama

Watergate?! Nixon?!
Let me see if I have this straight. I realize I did not receive an Ivy League education, nor did I attend Harvard Law School. But, in my uneducated mind, you sending Iran $400 million through Swedish and Swiss banks smacks of money-laundering.
Which brings to my uneducated mind what is known as the Doctrine of Unclean Hands.
You went to a great deal of trouble to send that money to the world's "largest state sponsor of terrorism", informing us eight months later that it was an old arms deal with the late Shah.
Which brings to my uneducated mind the phrases "aiding and abetting" and "providing material support" to our enemy.
Which brings to my uneducated mind the phrase "high crimes and misdemeanors".
Which brings to my uneducated mind an acronym. What was that again? Oh, yeah.
The RICO Act!
Which makes me wonder where in hell is the Sergeant-at-Arms. He should be arresting our so-called "president", if he can stop kissing your ass long enough.
Ruh roh. Maybe my feeble mind has stumbled onto something.
You know, as a Republican I do not advocate big government. However, since Congress appears to be impotent, I am thinking in this case we need a new Office of the Inspector General. Maybe this one should be assigned to the OVAL OFFICE!
Perhaps we could appoint the self-described "mediocre" former prosecutor from the State of South Carolina, Representative Trey Gowdy.
Perhaps he would get this one right.
LaDonna Mosier
August 4, 2016
P. S. Dear Josh Earnest (a misnomer if ever I heard one): "...It is against the policy of the United States to pay ransom..."?!
Two words.
Bowe Bergdahl.