Thursday, December 31, 2015

Obama, the Middle East, and Israel Part Fourteen - Turkey

In light of a disturbing (unconfirmed) report, it is time to revisit Benghazi. I wrote the following article back in January about something Trey Gowdy said on Greta van Susteran's show which I knew was an outright lie:
We were running arms from Benghazi through Turkey into Syria. We were arming the "rebels" for years before Congress "voted" on it, in the worst-kept secret in CIA history:
Remembering what I wrote in Part Thirteen - Ramadi, just what might Barry be doing? First, it is no secret that he and Erdogan have been BFFs:
At the same time, he has been cozying up to Iran. As I stated in Part Ten, Turkey and Iran are in a turf war to see who is going to dominate the Middle East. Is Barry playing both sides?
Most likely. In fact, by all appearances, yes. Remember what I have said about Barry: His father's tribe was Shiite, heavily influenced by the Muslim Brotherhood. He spent years in Indonesia, and his mother along with various mentors indoctrinated him with Marxist ideology. So, the only thing he knows for certain is that "The West" is bad. All of that "imperialism" and "colonialism", etc. We are the "bad guys", and anyone fighting against us must therefore be the "good guys".
Allow me to write a disclaimer. I have said this in previous posts, although it has been a few months. I do not believe CIA to be the rogue agency it is portrayed to be by those furthering the anti-government agenda. I have a very clear line in my mind between Barry's shenanigans and the rest of our government. We have good people left; they are just hard to see right now. But I know they are there, and so should my readers.
That being said, sometimes undercover operatives must play along in order to achieve their ultimate goals. Sometimes they do things that, if those things were broadcast on CNN, would look very damning when in reality the operatives are engaging in subterfuge for the purpose of gaining information...and evidence. Try not to forget that.
I have stated before that I believe Michael Morell, and I maintain that position. I have watched and studied him for a while. He is cagey, but so are all intelligence agents. (For a Hillary "shill", he did not do a very good job before Congress.) The trick is to pay close attention to the exact words, and he is very precise. When he said "we" were not running guns to Syria, I believe him. CIA may have been following orders, but they were not acting independently, and frankly I think what they were really doing was monitoring Hillary (read that as "Obama").
Why do I believe that? First, why did Ambassador Stevens initially go to Libya via Greece?
If he was (as is rumored) CIA, and CIA was part of the plot to arm the "rebels" (in both Libya and Syria), why would he not have gone via Turkey? It certainly would have been much easier. Then, let us not forget what Senator Menendez told us about the war that was waged with Hillary vs. Congress and the Pentagon before we got rid of Gaddafi:
Remember something: The goal of Marxism is to get us to distrust our government. Yes, we have bad elements in this administration and no, I am not a fan of big government. But let us not throw out the proverbial baby with the bathwater. We need a large dose of discernment, and once again I repeat:
Things are not what they appear to be.
So, what is going on in Ramadi? Did we save ISIS leaders? I do not know, but I know this: Turkey is supporting the Islamic State, and since Barry supports Erdogan it stands to reason that he would "help". Unfortunately, I have no concrete answers on this one.
I saw posts on Twitter yesterday demanding to know how our military could engage in such treasonous behavior, and after pondering the story for a few minutes I came up with a possible explanation. Our troops may not have known who they were evacuating. In the military we are taught to follow orders, not to question them, and if we are told to pick up a bunch of people from Ramadi we go and pick up a bunch of people from Ramadi. We do not necessarily know who it is we are "saving". A point to consider, anyway.
More as I have it.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Obama, the Middle East, and Israel Part Thirteen - Ramadi

So. We recaptured Ramadi (at least 70% of it). Sounds good, although we should never have lost it. America aided "Iraqi forces" in taking Ramadi back from the Islamic State. Everyone in American mainstream media is talking about it. Coincidentally, I received a message from someone in Israel yesterday that said something quite different, and when I pointed out that reports contradicted that message I received the following reply:
"What 'reports'?"
I said, "American media". The person was quite astonished, and I laughed because I was being facetious. I had already looked into what was happening in Ramadi, and here is what I found:
The Obama administration is lying to us again? Say it isn't so. Think about it for a second. We spent eight years trying to train the Iraqi army, then we left. What happened the minute they encountered ISIS? They turned tail and ran. Now suddenly they have turned into super warriors? Of course not, and Barry has not suddenly gotten serious about fighting terrorism. What he has done is give Iran another stronghold, as well as sentencing Iraqi Sunni troops to their deaths:
Remember, too, these are the same Iranian militias that fired a hail of rockets at Camp Liberty, killing 26 dissidents.
And then there is this, courtesy of CNN: "U.S. Aircraft Carrier Has Close Call with Iranian Rocket". The game Barry is playing is so incredibly dangerous space does not permit me to describe it all. I am reminded of a line from "The Hunt for Red October" where the character portrayed by the late (great) Fred Thompson swore under his breath after a plane crashed on his deck and he said, "This is going to get out of control! It will get out of control!" Well, it already has gotten out of control. Barry, the Useful Idiot, has absolutely no idea what he is doing other than trying to help his "friends" who are hell-bent on destroying us.
And finally, there is this from FoxNews:
So let me see if I have got this straight. Russia now supports the Taliban (whom Afghanistan is allegedly fighting), which just killed six Americans at Bagram Airfield and which is supported by Pakistan, all in the name of "fighting" the Islamic State? The very people who took credit for 9/11 (along with al-Qaeda), who gave grandiose speeches about how they were going to spill American blood all over Afghanistan the same way they did the Soviets?
THOSE people?!
And my readers wonder why I am slowly going insane.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Obama, the Middle East, and Israel Part Twelve - Hijrah

Last night CNN sang Germany's praises over how welcoming that country has been in welcoming the "Syrian refugees", saying they are "motivated to learn" and "eager to integrate". Yes, I can see that:
Dear CNN, I wonder if you would stop furthering Islamic propaganda long enough to learn about hijrah:
Please allow me to set the record straight on a few things. First, let us recall the Syrian "civil war" has been ongoing for close to five years now. Suddenly everyone decided to run? Second, let us recall that ISIS said it has embedded four thousand fighters amongst the "refugees". Third, let us recall the Lebanese foreign minister warned that two out of every ten of the "refugees" leaving his country are ISIS. Fourth, let us recall that the UN says 78% of the "refugees" are MAMs (Military-Aged Men). Finally, let us review the list of countries from which the "Syrian refugees" are coming:
And those are just the ones I know about.
In the following video, "refugees" can be heard chanting "Diyah! Diyah! Diyah!" Diyah means "blood money". The "refugees" are demanding blood money. Why? Because they blame "The West" for the Syrian civil war. They blame "The West" for the so-called plight of the "Palestinians". They blame "The West" for Israel's very existence. The "refugees" are not coming to Europe and America seeking asylum. They are coming to exact revenge...and conquest:
Getting back to the Islamic State's claim: Nineteen terrorists killed 2,996 people. That comes to 157 people per terrorist. Forgetting that ISIS recruits en route, how many people can 4,000 terrorists kill?
Six hundred thirty thousand, seven hundred and thirty-six.
Way to go, Germany.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Black Lives Matter is ISIS

I need to interrupt my series to address this subject. I will get back to Obama, the Middle East, and Israel in my next post.
While I am encouraged by a few messages I have seen on social media, most of the American public does not see what is happening to this country. Despite my repeated explanations, citizens are still taking things at face value. I hope to correct that now.
The latest incident occurred in Chicago. A "mentally ill" man threatened his family with an aluminum bat, and they called the police. Law enforcement came, ended up shooting the man, and in the process accidently killed the next door neighbor who was there ostensibly to let the police in when they arrived.
Let the riots commence.
The narrative has already begun at the time of this writing. "Why are the police shooting first?"
Let me back up. Black Lives Matter is a terrorist organization backed by the new Black Panther Party and funded by George Soros. They are opportunistic. Unlike ISIS, they do not need to recruit suicidal maniacs. There are enough black criminals that it is only a matter of time before an incident occurs, and when it does this terrorist group pounces.
My first clue that something was really wrong was Ferguson. During the Michael Brown riots...err, protests, I began seeing "Free Palestine!" and "Jews! Christ Killers!" signs. What was worse were the ISIS flags, and that is when I knew. So, I dug into it, and here are the connections I found (just a handful of articles; readers can do their own searches for more information):
Sheriff Clarke himself has made the connection, though he is thinking the ties will occur at some future date when in reality they have been connected all along:
Does anyone remember what I wrote about the '60's riots? The subversive activities engineered by the DGI (Cuban intelligence) which actually began with the KGB? Does anyone remember that Chicago was (and is) a hotbed of KGB activity (see specifically Part 2 "Terrorism at Home")?
Just as in the Middle East, what we are seeing here in America is NOT what is actually happening. People are being manipulated, their emotions played, their natural inclinations toward anarchy encouraged, and the result is Ferguson, Baltimore, St. Louis, NYC, Mall of America, North Lake, Kentucky, Chicago, etc.
Speaking of which, do not take that mosque fire in Houston at face value, either. I will not be surprised to learn that someone affiliated with CAIR set it to foment more Moslem-victimization mentality.
Now, I cannot state with certainty exactly what is happening, although I have my suspicions. It is obvious that ISIS is involved, aided by Barry, his so-called Department of Justice, and our so-called Department of Homeland Security. That much is clear, at least to me. But I also know that at least one foreign intelligence agency (likely more than one) is fanning the flames.
Let me drive this point home. The FBI admits we have two dozen terrorist training camps in the United States, the largest one being just outside of Nashville. That is just what they ADMIT. I have a source in British intelligence who says that number is closer to a couple hundred. Regardless, what is being taught in these camps? Bomb-making skills? Or, that combined with subversive tactics a la the Weather Underground? And, who is doing the training?
When I know more, I will post it immediately.
Meanwhile, be on guard. 2016 is going to be a bumpy ride.
Wednesday, December 30th update on the Houston mosque fire:
Am I good, or what? 

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Obama, the Middle East, and Israel Part Eleven - Syria and Iraq

Does anyone still think Russia is fighting ISIS? LMAO! Who killed Zahran Alloush yesterday in Syria?
Come on, folks. Let us get real. Assad and Putin are taking out the "rebels", not ISIS. They are playing the same game as Turkey. "We are joining the fight against ISIS (whom we support militarily and financially through oil sales)". Odd how Turkey's targets tend to be Kurds:
But, let us turn to Iraq because I saw a report last night that almost brought me to tears (and sent shivers down my spine). A nice lady wanted to buy me a couple of drinks, so I was sitting in a casino watching CNN. They did a report on Iraqi Christians and how Christians were facing "punishment" from ISIS because they celebrated Christmas. None of that was news. The appalling part of the report had to do with four-and-five-year-olds they interviewed.
"We want to kill ISIS."
Want to kill ISIS.
I flashed on Gaza.
A new generation of Christians is being raised in Iraq, and the implications are frightening. What are these children going to grow up to be? What have we done? By interfering in Syria? By withdrawing from Iraq prematurely? By abandoning the Yazidis on Sinjar Mountain and leaving them to die? (Oh, that's right. Barry rescued ONE in Syria. Kudos.) By pretending to arm the Kurds while running said arms through Baghdad, knowing full well the Iraqi government is a puppet for Iran and that the equipment would never reach the Kurds?
What have we done?
Raise a new generation of terrorists?
So, Barry, let me get this straight. We are protecting pedophiles in Afghanistan, we "must" get rid of Bashar al-Assad, but when Iran unleashes rockets on a dissident camp in Baghdad, killing 26 people:
No, worse than that; we now want to waive visa requirements for those travelling to and from the rogue regime.
And then there is this. Yesterday the news broke that Iraq was making significant progress against ISIS in both Ramadi and Mosul, aided by U.S. airstrikes. Sounds good, right? Barry is finally getting serious. Except for one thing. The Iraqi army is fighting alongside Shiite militias:
Iran. We are aiding Iran. And, how many of my readers caught the story a few months ago that the United States Air Force provided air cover for Hezbollah in Syria?
Someone needs to stop Iran, and a lot of theories are floating around as to who might take out the mullahs: Israel, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the UAE, or some combination thereof. The fact is, none of them can do it. Why not? Because Iran has a mutual defense pact with Russia. There is only one country that can attack Iran with relative impunity, and that is the United States of America. If we had a real President, Russia would never retaliate because Putin does not want thousands of nukes unleashed on Moscow.
But, we are too busy aiding and abetting the enemy.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Obama, the Middle East, and Israel Part Ten - Russia

(REMINDER: When I say "Middle East", I exclude Israel.)
I will get to Russia in just a moment, but first I need to review because the message does not seem to be getting across. I continue to see people on social media blaming America for the Taliban, al-Qaeda, ISIS, et. al. For an instant let us forget about Barry, because he is a completely different story. Yes, we have made huge mistakes overseas, but not necessarily out of some nefarious plot (again, excluding Barry). Our problem is, we continue to project Western thinking onto parts of the world who do not think like we do.
Example: I mentioned the Taliban. Everyone remembers them from 9/11. They are the bad guys. Everyone understands that. A few days ago, the Taliban attacked Bagram Airfield, killing six Americans. That damned terrorist organization, right?
Guess who protects the Taliban in Afghanistan? Our partner in the non-existent war on terror: Pakistan (and let us not forget they harbored bin Laden). Many of my readers did not know that, did they? How many times must I remind everyone that things are not cut-and-dry overseas?
So, should we go to war with Pakistan? Only if we let our testosterone overrule our brains. The rules of engagement (ROE) Barry has set for our military are suicidal, which is why so many such attacks have occurred with impunity. What we need to do is get out of Afghanistan. We are out of our league.
Getting back to the Middle East, let me give another example: Iraq. I had a video (which has now been pulled from the Internet for some reason) of a Marine chewing out the Iraqi army. It was the stuff boot camp scenes are made of. Really funny. But also quite informative. He spent five minutes chewing them out, asking them where their allegiances lay. Iraq, or tribal clans? He stated categorically that he knew they were more worried about their terrorist friends than they were their own country (although in far more colorful language, as you might imagine).
Let me try this again. There is no sense of nationalism in the Middle East. With exceptions, most Iraqis do not care about Iraq. With exceptions, most Syrians do not care about Syria. It would behoove America to remember history. We imposed those borders on the Middle East after World War I:
The Arabs resent it. All they want is their empire back, and right now two factions are fighting for that empire/caliphate: Turkey and Iran (remember to think "Russia"). That is it. All of the other skirmishes we see are tribal clashes. Yes, it is far more complicated because there are so many groups who think they know "allah's" will better than everyone else, but really it boils down to Turkey and Iran.
Enter Russia.
Unlike America, the Russians study. They know how we think, they know how Islamists think, and they know how the Middle East operates. New readers should go back to my posts starting in April so they can catch up on the "art" of subversion perfected by the KGB. It truly is a fascinating study, but the bottom line is the Russians have been manipulating events for many decades and are now reaping the rewards for their patience.
Bashar al-Assad (with help from other terror sponsors) brought ISIS to its current strength. The Syrian government (translation: Syria/Iran/Hezbollah/Russia) support(ed) ISIS. "What?!" you say. "That's crazy!"
Yes, it is.
Welcome to the Middle East:
Remember Yuri Bezmenov? Create a crisis (ISIS, civil war) and it sets the stage for a despot to move in. In the case of Syria, the gamble is two-fold: Assad hopes to strengthen his power while at the same time Putin hopes to gain a(nother) stronghold. Yes, America played a pivotal role, and I will get back to Benghazi. However what we did, in actuality, was play right into Russia's hand, and look at the result. Russia is now the new hero in the "war on terror". America has abdicated its role in the world, thanks to Barry and Hillary.
But it was all designed by Russia.
So, the next time my readers see people blaming CIA for everything that is wrong in the Middle East, please remember who is pulling the puppet strings:

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Obama, the Middle East and Israel Part Nine - Iran/Cuba/Russia

[AUTHOR'S NOTE: I will no longer promise when I am going to cover bin Laden because things keep coming to my attention. But, I will get there, and I will also revisit Benghazi.
Further, remember when I said in Part Two that I traced terrorist networks and that it turned out to be a colossal waste of time? They make for a great game of Trivial Pursuit, or the Terrorist Edition of Jeopardy ("I'll take Somalia for $200, Alex."), but otherwise they have no value. Even the Shia/Sunni line is murky. They all study the same book(s). The only thing these people are arguing about is who knows the will of "allah" better than the rest. Otherwise, they are all the same people. Remember that as you continue through this series.]
Before I begin, readers need to listen to the following nine-minute interview (courtesy: Center for Security Policy, Jim Hanson, and Joseph Humire):
For reference, here are links on the bombings and Alberto Nisman's murder in Argentina:
Regular followers will remember I have mentioned Russian movements in Latin America in the past. The information in the above podcast sheds a disturbing light on those movements. In review, Russia has had a spy ship docked in Cuba since April, 2014, allegedly "on liberty". My father wished he had liberties that lasted twenty months! I wrote several posts in May and June of this year describing the nefarious activities in which the KGB and DGI (Cuban intelligence) engaged in the '60's. Meanwhile Russia has also renewed ties with Argentina and Venezuela, under the guise of stabilizing oil prices. And, let us not forget, Barry is "normalizing" relations with Cuba.
I have stated repeatedly than when my readers hear "Iran" they need to think "Russia". The above interview makes that connection all the more clear. I have a friend who is convinced Russia is about to turn on Iran. The evidence I am seeing says differently, as does what Joseph Humire has to say. It looks to me like Russia and Cuba are up to their old tricks, but with a new partner: Iran. (I urge my readers to go back and review my posts on the KGB and Cuba, and to watch the posted videos if they have not already done so.)
So, did anyone know we have Hezbollah in Canada? I have not heard anything about it on mainstream media. And, I have Canadian "followers" on Twitter who can attest to the collective shudder that occurred when Justin Trudeau was elected. Our neighbor to the north is in just as much trouble as we are. Mexico? I have said for a long time that the Mexican cartels are affiliated with ISIS. I knew that from their tactics. I just did not specifically name Hezbollah:
Note that last sentence in the last article. "...Israeli media reported in 2012 that the Islamic militia group had set up a training base in Nicaragua." It also mentions Paraguay. We are surrounded by Iran, folks. Where has the media been on this? Those of us with eyes have known for a while that ISIS was swimming across the Rio Grande (OK, maybe not literally), but did anyone think Iran was such a player on our northern and southern borders? I did not.

Obama, the Middle East, and Israel Part Eight - Iran

I do not know how people in our intelligence community keep from going insane. Whatever they get paid, it is not nearly enough. They must have a lifetime supply of Valium. The lies they hear day after day, without being able to say a word, are mind-boggling.
I had to turn off the Pan Am 103 service yesterday. I could not stomach it, but actually the problem started last week at the GOP debate when Marco Rubio gave an impassioned spiel about how Gaddafi was behind Lockerbie and how that justified what we did in Libya. Then yesterday I listened to a self-aggrandizing speech by the man who tirelessly hunted down those who were responsible for Lockerbie.
Every word of this narrative is a lie. Over two years ago, the truth came out, supported by numerous reports since. But, Senator Rubio, I am quite certain that it is sheer coincidence that Pan Am 103 happened just six months after our Navy shot down an Iranian passenger jet. Yup. Positive. There is no way the two incidents are connected. Nope. None at all:
Nothing to see here, folks. Move along.
Barry aside, I do not understand why this world continues to cover for Iran. I admit there was a point where my unofficial mentor, Prime Minister Netanyahu, was annoying me to no end because he harped on Iran incessantly. But I finally realized there must have been a reason, so I backtracked (I seem to do that a lot; a little training would be nice) and I took a good look at Iran since 1979. This is what I found:
Iran. Iran. Iran. Iran. Iran. Time and again, Iran. We have been at war with Iran since 1979, and no one in America seems to know it! I know what Barry's problem is, but why is everyone else covering for these people? And I know why we refuse to name Russia. That answer is simple. Mutually Assured Destruction. I got that. But, what is our excuse with Iran (other than Barry)?
We would rather blame Gaddafi (whom Reagan neutralized), Mubarak (who kept Egypt's peace treaty with Israel), and Assad (who was minding his own business) than blame the real enemy, the one whom we could take out in a heartbeat: Iran!
We want to blame Saudi Arabia for 9/11. No one talks about how many of the hijackers filtered through Iran. No one wants to talk about how Mohammed Atta was dating a "Palestinian" from Gaza. No, we cannot do that.
Why not?!
Forget Barry for a minute. Why didn't George W. Bush deal with them? Iran was one of the first countries out of Donald Rumsfeld's mouth after 9/11. Why did we not take care of them at that time? We have no problem calling them "the number one state sponsor of terrorism"...and then we figure out what we want to order for lunch! What is the problem?
Anyway, barring anything earth-shattering, tomorrow I will finally get to bin Laden.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Obama, the Middle East, and Israel Part Seven - Libya

(AUTHOR'S NOTE: Bear with me, everyone. I will get to bin Laden, but things are happening right now.)
Three days ago a report circulated that I dismissed at first, despite the source. I should have known better, but the idea just seemed ludicrous to me.
"Special Forces Discovered in Libya", complete with a photo of a group of smiling men, presumably American. I tweeted "Riiiiiggggghhhhhtttt." I said to myself, "How do you 'discover' special forces?" There is a reason they are called "special forces".
But yesterday I saw another report, from a different source, saying special forces had been expelled from Libya. I tweeted, "And just how in hell did that happen?" I wondered who might leak such information, and the answer was immediate. The name begins with "B" and ends with "arry". This administration is notorious for leaking information, although it is always by "accident".
So why were special forces in Libya? The cover story is that we were there to "foster relations" with the Libyan so-called government. Not true. Libya is ISIS' new home base thanks to Hillary and Turkey. "Caliph Ibrahim" is now holed up on Muammar Gaddafi's home town near Sirte:
Clearly we were on a mission to get Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and someone screwed it up. Who might that someone be? "B", ending with "arry". The implications of what I am saying are ominous. In fact, last night I had a knock-down, drag-out argument with a former marine (I know there is no such thing as a "former" marine, but he is one). I have spoken with him on numerous occasions, trying to explain what is happening. He refuses to believe it. He refuses to believe there are terrorist training camps in this country, never mind that we have a traitor in the White House. I know the term for this, "cognitive dissonance", but that does not make it any less maddening. I was ready to strangle him!
Folks, I do not know how much more evidence we need that Barry is aiding and abetting the enemy. What is it going to take? An ISIS flag flying over the White House? Mandatory recitations of the Shahada? Virginia just had a school require students to write the Shahada five times to "practice Arabic calligraphy". Why? I never learned Arabic calligraphy, and in fifty-four years I have never encountered a situation where that lack of "education" hindered me.
We have Loretta Lynch telling us to shut up. We have Jeh Johnson telling us to shut up. We have the intelligence community (those who have not sold out to the Muslim Brotherhood) being told not to do their jobs. We have our military being given "no-goes" on viable targets. We have repeated intelligence leaks. We have 150 Mexicans passing through JFK under escort, bypassing customs. And we have constant rumors of nefarious activities regarding the "refugees" which I cannot substantiate, but the instant I have tangible proof I will post it.
Am I the only one who sees what is happening? I do not know how to spell it out any more clearly. The marine said that we only have one year left (regardless of whether or not I am right). I am not so sure. I put nothing past the man at 1600. I fear for 2016.
I have been homeless for over two years, in large part because I made a decision that this country is more important than my personal comfort (add a bunch of red tape nonsense from the VA for which I have neither the time nor the patience).
Is anybody listening?
More tomorrow.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Obama, the Middle East, and Israel Part Six - Putin

I promised to cover bin Laden today, but I am putting him off for twenty-four hours because of comments that are being made in the media. I need to set the record straight and get my readers focused on the real enemy.
Two days ago, Putin was asked what he thought of Trump, and he praised the "GOP" candidate. Then, Trump was asked on "Morning Joe" what he thought of Putin. Trump said he was a "great leader". Now, I have had many red flags going up about Donald Trump from the start, but that floored me. And then he went on to defend Putin. When the host pointed out that Putin kills his political opposition and journalists who do not toe the line his reply was, "Well, you know, we do a lot of killing over here, too."
Somehow Putin has been turned into a cult hero, and I can tell my readers precisely how that happened. Barry. It started with his idiotic "red line" (which he should never have drawn, but if he was going to draw it he should have enforced it!). Instead, he and John Kerry saber-rattled for three weeks and then went home when Putin came riding in on his white horse to "save the day" (undoubtedly topless).
Let me explain a little history and maybe, just maybe, someone will wake up. In "Mein Kampf", Hitler repeatedly quoted a book called the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion", which purports to be the minutes of a Zionist meeting where they outlined their plans for taking over the world. Hitler believed it. So did Henry Ford, which is why he supported the Nazis financially. So does half of the Arab world, because that book sits on bookshelves throughout the Middle East. Any of my readers who subscribe to MEMRI on YouTube can find interviews on Arabic television where pundits quote the "Protocols" repeatedly.
The only problem is, the book is not true. It was released by the Russians after the Bolshevik Revolution to scapegoat the Jews and give everyone an outlet for their anger. I encourage my readers to watch this entire lecture, but at the very least watch the following forty-five seconds (starting at 12:45):
For more:
This is the world of the intelligence community, folks. Remember Part Four Sleight-of-Hand? Putin is not a good man, and Russia is not the hero of the Middle East. What you think you see in Syria is NOT what you see! If you watch the entire lecture I posted above, you will get a small taste of what I mean. Ion Mihail Pacepa has been an extremely valuable asset to the United States, and he continues to consult for CIA. I have written about Russia many times (again, see April ff), but most of my readers and the people I encounter on social media are still convinced Russia is now "good". They are not!
Yes, most definitely, Barry aided and abetted ISIS. Without question. Wittingly or otherwise (and I will revisit Benghazi soon). But, make no mistake. The real instigator, the real mastermind, the real power-broker was, is, and will continue to be:
The KGB (call them whatever the nom du jour) are masters at deception, and apparently America is still falling for it! Stop taking things at face value and open your eyes. Wake up.
In my next post I will address bin Laden, who fits right into this conversation.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Obama, the Middle East, and Israel Part Five - Barry

I have covered the concept of subversion many times, but most people still do not understand it. Nikita Khrushchev once said the Russians would conquer America one day without firing a single shot. It is happening as we speak. No, there are not Russian troops in our streets. We are being destroyed from within and, whether he realizes it or not, Barry is a key figure in the overall plan.
I urge my readers to watch the following interview which explains in very simple terms what I am about to outline:
Before a country can be conquered without military warfare, society must first be destroyed. Very few people are actually required to begin the process, so long as they are in key positions such as those of education and media. They begin introducing small little tidbits to begin eroding the morals of that society, such as the idea of divorce in a country where it was anathema sixty years ago. Add a little promiscuity, a rebellious person here-and-there who becomes a cult hero rather than an villain, sprinkle with a little homosexuality, and there you go.
It takes forty to fifty years to complete the process of subverting a country. We have actually lasted longer than we should have. Two generations must be indoctrinated before the Marxist ideology so permeates a society that the final stages can be implemented with relative ease. Barry is perfect for that job.
His mother was an avowed Marxist. In fact, she attended what was then the most Marxist high school in the United States:
The above is an excellent article, but it misses one crucial point. Barry's father was also a Moslem. He was from the Kikuyu tribe, which is Shiite. The twist is, the Muslim Brotherhood heavily influenced that tribe. My readers will recall my early confusion trying to understand Barry's "foreign policy". This accounts for the confusion. He is somewhat confused himself, which is why he refuses to crack down on the Sunnis while making love to Iran.
(BTW, I promised I would clear up Megyn Kelly's confusion. Islam is patriarchal, so since Barry's father was Moslem yes, Megyn, Barry is a Moslem. Lest there continue to be a dispute, I refer Ms. Kelly to Barry's own writings, in which he voices how much he identifies with his father rather than his mother, hence the title "Dreams of my Father".)
So how does Marxism fit in with Islam? I do not remember if I ever wrote this, but in 2005 Israel smuggled a Muslim Brotherhood document out of Jordan where the MB proclaimed their desire to team up with the Russians for the purpose of defeating the "Zionists, and Zionist America". I had a copy of that document at one time, but when I was robbed in 2013 all of my papers were stolen including that one and I have not been able to find another copy. However, I do have this:
Ideologically, the two go hand-in-hand, though if they were to achieve their goals they would then be forced to have a showdown to see who would be the ultimate victor. (Do not panic; things will not get that far.) The point is, the two combined are a far bigger threat than Joseph McCarthy ever imagined, and that is where we are today.
You see, Russia figured out a long time ago that there are a whole lot more Moslems than there are Russians. So, if they want power, it behooves them to team up with the Islamists. Let me remind everyone: The KGB trained (among many others) the Ayatollah Khomeini, Yasser Arafat, Mahmoud Abbas, and...Ayman al-Zawahiri. Would anyone like to know what is in those 28-still-classified pages of the 9/11 Commission Report? Now you know. (Please see my posts from April ff.)
Barry is what the KGB (FSB/GRU/whatever) call a Useful Idiot. Whether he knows it or not, he has played right into Russia's hand every step of the way, and Putin is positively orgasmic.
Next time: Back to Bin Laden

Friday, December 18, 2015

Obama, the Middle East, and Israel Part Four - Sleight-of-Hand

I just received the shock of my life, and it fits right into what I was planning to put in today's post. The intelligence world is a game of sleight-of-hand. Watch the following forty-five seconds while John McLaughlin demonstrates on the following video (from 9:25):
Nowhere is that sleight-of-hand more apparent than in the Middle East. Things are never what they appear to be in that part of the world. Remember when the Jordanian pilot was burned alive? I remember it vividly. Someone sent me the clip, with no commentary. I had no idea what I was about to see. It was cued up to the crucial moment. I watched him burn alive. It was horrific. The screams were gut-wrenching. I had nightmares for weeks. I mean, how could anyone see something so ghastly and not have nightmares? I watched a man burn to death.
Or so I thought:
When referring to various pieces of "Palestinian" propaganda, that is what we who defend Israel refer to as "Pallywood", only this was far more effective than anything I have ever seen out of Hamas. I was ready kill everyone: The person who sent me the link without warning me as to what I was about to view, as well as anyone I thought might remotely be associated with the Islamic State. Well done.
Now to today's topic. Something else happened in 2009 while Americans were distracted with Barry's socialist health program, "Obamacare". Three days into his first term he signed an order closing all CIA detention facilities, and at the end of the year Camp Bucca was shut down. All of the detainees were released. Among the prisoners was Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who was to become "Caliph Ibrahim", the leader of the Islamic State.
On May 1st, 2011, Barry made a stunning announcement: Osama bin Laden was dead. I think everyone in America threw a party. Someone in the intelligence community may have seen it coming, but that night no one had any idea what was about to be unleashed upon the world. Three days later, the future "Caliph" struck in Hilla, Iraq, and by August his terror was in full swing.
The question on everyone's mind is: Did bin Laden's death pave the way for the Islamic State? Obviously, the answer is yes, but the follow-up question is far more complex: Did Barry wittingly pave the way for ISIS? I think the answer to that question is both yes and no.
Barry is not a strategist. That much is clear. But Barry has an agenda. That much is also clear. Let us review. What was one of the first things he did upon assuming office? His infamous "Apology Tour", where he told the Arab world how terrible America is and how wonderful Islam is. More on this next time, when will I delve into his family history and address the Megyn Kelly dispute over whether or not he is Moslem, but Barry's disdain for America has been plain from Day One. He has done little-to-nothing about terrorism, and we now know he has not only had the intelligence community "cooking" data on ISIS but has actually inhibited their ability to do their jobs. He has downplayed terrorist attacks on our soil, calling them "workplace violence", or attributing them to the availability of guns, he refuses to say the words "Islamic terrorism", and his so-called war on the Islamic State is a joke, as anyone who has ever been in the military can attest.
I am trying to keep these posts brief so that readers will not become inundated and lose interest. Our country's future is far too important for me not to get the message out. So, next time I am going to go back to the beginning and discuss Barry's lineage and show how it relates to his decision-making process. I will then tie it in to everything I have said thus far.
Meanwhile, where am I going with this series? There was a movie years ago, starring Wesley Snipes, called "Murder at 1600". Great movie. Unfortunately, we are there. Ever see the television series "24"? An entire season was devoted to a plot where the President himself was the traitor.
Unfortunately, we are there.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Obama, the Middle East, and Israel Part Three - Camp Chapman

(AUTHOR'S NOTE: I am extremely passionate about this particular post, so for the first time ever in my blog I am posting a language warning.)
I want to start out of chronological order, because this subject has been on my mind for years. Actually, it has infuriated me for years! On December 30, 2009, a CIA facility in Afghanistan was attacked by an homicide bomber. Most people likely shook their heads and moved on to the latest episode of "The Simpsons", but the back story has bothered me from the start.
Humam Khalil Abu-Mulal al-Balawi was a Jordanian physician who blogged in his spare time. Eventually he attracted the attention of Jordanian officials, who detained him. They interrogated al-Balawi for three days, after which they told CIA that al-Balawi had been turned. THREE. DAYS. CIA sent him "undercover" to Waziristan, where al-Qaeda had its headquarters, and "managed" him throughout 2009, losing him for three months. No one heard from al-Balawi during that time (they began to believe he had been killed), but eventually he turned up and said he had successfully infiltrated al-Qaeda. He even had video proving he had been with Ayman al-Zawahiri.
I know for a FACT from reading CIA sources over these many years that it takes at least ten years to infiltrate to that level. No one just wanders in and says, "Here I am!", and has dinner with the head of al-Qaeda. NO ONE! But, according to the story, CIA bought what Dr. al-Balawi was selling and they sent him to Camp Chapman, where the bin Laden Task Force had set up a command post, so that he could relay all of the "intelligence" he had gathered. To make matters worse, CIA agreed to allow him to pass through not one, not two, but three security checkpoints without being stopped as a sign of "respect".
Do you call that "security"? In what world does the intelligence community do something so insane? I do not give a FUCK if he took the American citizenship oath! This "lapse" is the craziest thing I have ever heard. At any rate, when he arrived he detonated the explosives he had attached to himself, killing nine people (seven of whom were CIA).
One of those people was Jennifer Matthews.
She, like myself, had been on a tear since 9/11. She wanted bin Laden with a passion that was unrivaled by anyone, and I find the timing of her death to be highly suspicious for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the incredible "intelligence failure" that led to it. It just makes no sense. First, Barry was not the least bit concerned with finding bin Laden, so CIA certainly could not have been under so much pressure that they violated all of their own protocols for the sake of one asset. Second, CIA underwent a series of changes in station chiefs between 2009 and the time we "got" bin Laden, for highly questionable reasons. In one case, Pakistan "outed" the identity of one, which is just not done. It is just flat not done. In another, the Obama administration "accidently" revealed the Afghanistan station chief's cover. Something else was going on within CIA. I wish I knew what it was, but I smell something extremely nefarious. Maybe efforts to prevent CIA from getting bin Laden? Knowing Barry, that would not surprise me in the slightest, especially since I think the entire story of our "getting" him stinks to high heaven, a subject I will cover in my next post.
Camp Chapman:
Manhunt: The Search for bin Laden (see 1:22:20):